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You’ve got this far, so I know there must be a reason for that…what lead you here? Whatever it is that’s on your mind, let me try and help you.

I specialise in helping you to achieve a mindset for health that comes from a place of self-belief and compassion, rather than from a place of punishment and restriction. On the premise that once you get the inside on track and ready for change, the outside will follow suit.

However if you wish to work with me on a difference aspect of your life, whether it’s lifestyle coaching, stress management or just general “getting my shizz together” then rest assured that there are no absolutes. As long as it is within my remit and I am confident that I will be able to help you achieve what you want to achieve in a safe and healthy way, then I will happily discuss whatever it is you have in your mind.

The only thing I definitely DON’T offer is isolated, “do this, eat that” physique focussed, nutrition or fitness plans. The reason for this,  is that I prioritise increasing your self-worth and self-esteem first and foremost, so much so that once we get going you may no longer feel like you have to change yourself to look a certain way in order to experience self-worth.

So if you are looking for another diet and fitness plan to follow with the hope that it will make you happy within yourself, I can’t help you. Though I can help you by telling you that, what you are looking for most likely wont give you what your expecting. And that isn’t to try and get you to stay here and work with me  – because if that is what you are looking for, you aren’t ready. I want you to come to me with a full understanding that the feeling of self-worth that you are searching for needs to start with changing how you FEEL, not how you LOOK.

I offer one to one coaching sessions either on-lina (via Skype) or at my Cheshire clinic.

Please email me at heatherjwynn@gmail.com for more info.




I am currently running a few group coaching options ranging from total beginners FitCamp retreats in the UK to more advanced workshops for mindset and health abroad, somewhere hot! Please get in touch for more details and a list of upcoming events at: heatherjwynn@gmail.com



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