When I was a little girl

From a very early age we told certain things by our parents. It’s common to hear the words “You can be anything you want to be!” when listening to conversations between parents and kids, as they begin to express thoughts and aspirations about what they want to do in the world. An air of innocence gets crossed with solid determination as they are start to think about what they want their mark on the world to be.

This is the most precious time, this is when the soul is still alive and free and it’s at that point in life where literally anything can happen to change the path they lead for the next 70 odd years. It’s exciting. The subconscious belief patterns laid down within the first 10-15 years of a child’s life will reflect on them forever.


At the younger ages we talk about fairies and angels, and wizards and witches and all the magic and wonder of the world. We encourage them to have this magical view of life. Why do we do it? Why do we give us (as kids) such hope of a wonderful world, and a life full of intrigue, enjoyment and purpose when, in reality, we know that by the time they are 16, it will have been all but ripped away from them. The once encouraged mindset of ambition, hope and possibility will be replaced as we start to scoff with sayings like “you’re living in cloud cooko-land” or “You can’t do that, who do you think you are?” and such like when we even dare to express our quietly honed individual aspirations.

We are creating a childhood full of this sense of belief and hope, but we then don’t have any hesitation in snatching it all back away from them as soon as they go to school.

To be told daily, for years on end that “You can be anything you want to be!” you start to believe it, we see imagination developing, we see enthusiasm for life and we start to feel a sense of purpose, trying to find the one thing we were put on this earth to do.

We are born, and we have senses that develop, our subconscious builds we have this sense that life is meaningful, dreams are possible. “The world is exciting, what are we here for? What can we do? “Anything!” you say. “Wow! I want to go and make a difference in the world!”
But eventually the ‘truth’ starts to appear in their peripheral vision. Gradually kids at school start to get bullied if they still talk about magic, faith or angels. They get treated as ‘stupid’ if they believe in them past a certain age. Why did we teach them to believe about them if they were wrong? Why did we give them that hope?

It’s quickly replaced with what the teachers and society tell them is the ‘truth’ about this world they have been born into, they quickly realise that ‘truth’ goes something like this…

You have to go to school now every day for the next 12 years to learn what other people say you have to learn. These things that they decide you need to know and understand will help you fit into the world. Don’t ask why, no one asks why – it’s just “how it works”. The experts said so, who are the experts? They are just people, normal humans who learnt just the way you are doing, then they just made the rest up because it was their job to decide what the next generation had to learn. We all accept this because, well, we are taught not to question things.

Our one encouraged inquisitive nature is now told to shut the hell up.

You have to know what you want to do by the time you are 16. Here is your choice of job descriptions, pick one. If you don’t know, we will do you a test to see what will suit you (cue the florist suggestion– how many people got that?!)

“I don’t know what I want to be, I’ve not even lived in the world yet – how am I supposed to know what I’m really good at?”
You are good at writing, be a journalist. Do English and write about things that we teach you to write about.
You go through torturous exams and sit daily at a desk feigning interest at subjects we ALL know you will never, ever need to know again, all because no one questions it, it’s just done.
What this 12 years does, however, is prepare you for what’s to come after you leave. It prepares you for the next 60 years of doing something else you don’t like, because you have to.

“My Mummy told me I was special..”
“You are not special, no one is special. We are all the same.”
“You can’t just pick how you live your life, just accept that. You just have to survive…”
“No you can’t be an artist or a writer or own a cake shop like you dreamed of. You have to get a ‘real’ job that pays the bills.”


“I got offered a job in a call centre….shall I take it? It’s not what I want to do…”
“You have to take it. It’s a job, you are lucky to have one at all. Don’t be selfish.”

“I’ve been here for a year now, it means nothing to me and I feel like I’m not fulfilling my purpose in life…”
“Don’t be ridiculous, that’s life. It’s hard work, you have to work and you’ll do whatever it takes to put food on the table and you shouldn’t complain about it.”
“Don’t risk anything, you’ll always lose .”


“”I’m 40 this year; I can’t do anything new now I have kids to take care of. I have never enjoyed my work; I’ve never felt like I’m making a difference. I’ve never felt like I’m being true to myself”
“Oh well, you should have done it when you had the chance when you were younger, you can’t risk change now…tough luck”

“But….I never DID have the chance..?”



There we have it kids. That’s what society tells you will be your life, until you get too old to work of course, and then society forgets all about you. Then you die. Sorry to be so blunt.

However, if you are really, really lucky you will have some exiting times like;

Holidays – but not too far away, or for too long as you can’t justify spending the money that your meaningless-to-you job doesn’t pay you. You also can’t go on too many trips as people will see you as lazy, and you have to work harder and harder doing anything you possibly can, just to justify your existence, remember.

Having children – for them to live the exact same life you just did. Bringing them in to the word to have their innocent and limitless hopes and dreams scuppered by a society obsessed with stuff, to go to work in a job they hate to make money for the stuff, to retire too old to enjoy any of it, to die to only leave their own kids to repeat the cycle again.

I want to ask every single reader of this blog a serious question. There are no wrongs or rights, there are only opinions. We live in a world of free opinions (just) so please let everyone express their own…the question is this;
Do you really, REALLY and honestly believe deep down that this life ^ is what we human’s are here to experience? Whatever your belief, from Darwin, Evolution, to Faith, Spiritualism, Religion, the Soul, the Universe…whatever your belief system is on HOW we got here.

Do you honestly think this is it, that this is our purpose for being alive?

These unbelievable, awesome and magnificent human bodies we have…

To spend nearly our entire lives sat inside 4 walls either learning meaningless information we never use, to then work in mundane jobs inside a artificially lit office, building up someone else’s empire for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, with just 16 hours left allocated to spend on enjoyment, family, and doing things you actually enjoy.


We all need to work; obviously, as we have created a world where money is necessary to live in it, and it enables us to do cool things and, y’know, survive. So we cannot get away from the fact that we need money, no matter how ideal it would be.

But on the back of this fear of lack, fear of failing, fear of ambition, fear of bloody everything. People, kids, are being forced into forgetting who they really are. We are all forgetting who we really are. We have a purpose for being alive, each and every one of us has. The majority fail to ever even acknowledge that fact, never mind act on it. We are living in a computer game & we have created our own reality by accepting struggle based belief systems as gospel, we never question what we do because it might make us feel ‘less accepted’ if we admit to wanting more from life, and that external acceptance is everything to our ego.

Except, we are all looking for acceptance in the wrong place, we are looking externally when we should be looking internally. Going back to our childhood and remembering the magic and light and excitement that the world brought to us when we thought we had the control in our own lives, but we choose to give it all up, because others tell us it’s the ‘right’ thing to do.

We have done this to ourselves; we have created that environment where we have to tell our children that they should be eternally grateful for a job cleaning supermarket isles, because it’s a job. Surely we should be saying “yes, use that as a stepping stone – but PUSH, don’t settle for anything less than what you believe is your TRUE vocation. What were you put here to do?”

Are we not doing a disservice to ourselves if we don’t? I don’t believe we can label our world as a success until we are all living lives that we love, until we are living with nothing but love in our hearts and souls – and that will only ever come from a world where the current fear-based society we have created, stands down and starts to let individuals live with ambition, strive for peace within and become who they are MEANT to be.

Humans with inner happiness, self-acceptance and contentment don’t create wars, don’t advocate greed and don’t create massacres…those with inner turmoil, anger and confusion do.
We all want a better world, we all want to feel safer and we all want more peace; so start to accept that this is a choice we have.
Stand up and start to help to create it, you are part of it.
It starts with you.


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