Upcoming Workshops and Talks

Time for you to hear some TRUTHS that the diet industry does NOT want you to hear!

Having spent the last 18 years coaching women, and the last 36 years being one, I know what we want.

(Trouble is, so does the DIET INDUSTRY, and that’s how it gets you.)

Let me teach you to navigate your way through all the BS, pick apart all the SCAMS and help you to understand what really works, and of course most importantly –  how YOU can make it work for you in YOUR life.

Not sure WHEN to eat carbs, or if to at ALL? 

Sick of feeling like you’ve ‘Fallen Off The Wagon’ every time you make a ‘wrong’ choice? 

Not sure WHICH diet is the BEST diet for you to do? 

Fed up of ‘doing everything right’ but STILL not seeing results? 

Want to learn how to improve your relationship with food, achieve long term results AND do it with balance and flexibility? 

I will be covering all of this AND MORE!

£15 per person (pre-book only as space is limited)

NB: If you have been to a previous talk of mine or heard me speak before, you’ll know that I have a tendency to try and squeeze a LOT of information in, sooo it would be ideal to give yourself 1hour 30mins for this……JUST TO BE SAFE!



Look forward to seeing you there!

Heather x