It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like….

…that time where we seem to use “f!ck it!” as our staple answer to everything. As we dive head first into the family sized tin of celebrations whilst eyeing up the fairy cakes on the next desk whilst thinking about what’s for tea and wondering if it’s acceptable to have Prosecco every night because… it’s nearly Christmas!

I myself was to be found eyeing up the Sherry bottle last night, with a chocolate liquor already in my mouth and another one in my hand ready to go.

But as you may know I would never, ever deny any client a choccie, a slice o’ cake or a good guzzle of Prosecco, because every single one of these things can be included into a healthy, balanced and flexible diet. In fact you are more likely to see long term success in health, vitality and weight management if you DO include your naughty-list foods every now and again, than if you attempt to abstain completely. But please, for the sake of your future self, please, please don’t be bamboozled by the voice. The one inside your mind that is using the “I’ll just start in January” bargaining argument right about now.

I’m asking you this because after seventeen years as a coach witnessing this cycle over and over and over again, I know what it will lead to…


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