OUT NOW! My book “Enough, Already! Finding Happiness Now in a World That Wants to Sell You Perfection Later” is available on Amazon.

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Heather Wynn is on a mission to transform the conversation about women and fitness. She knows you can’t hate your body into true health. Instead, through the practices in this book, you’ll learn to make sane and lasting health and physique changes and finally arrive at a place of peace and love – of which you’ve been worthy all along. Heather’s insightful anecdotes from her personal journey as well as her professional work with clients, help us recognize the absurdity of the expectations for our bodies that we allow outside influences to determine for us, and the type of lifestyle we think we need to live in order to be healthy and fit. After reading this book you will feel empowered to step off the diet roller coaster for good, quiet the negative voices, and reclaim your life and health.

The best part? Heather will give you the tools to do it!

From the Foreword by Molly Galbraith.