The Smoke & Mirrors of Obsession

“I attended a summer camp with this little stick of a girl…Twila Stansberry.

Hell of an athlete….captured the flag.

Had an unrelenting passion for fitness.

But she was never skinny enough…..a pound here, a pound there.

Ran like a deer.

Until she couldn’t ….could barely walk.

Turns out she was anorexic.

The disease caused her to lose her sight.

I’ve never known anyone more obsessed with her body than Twila . 

Spent her entire life chasing something that destroyed her.

Make sure your passion isn’t your sickness.” (more…)

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Live Today As If You Liked Yourself

What would it mean to live a day as though you liked yourself?

We are in so much hate with ourselves these days. You may disagree with this idea, but I bet your thoughts would tell you different. Imagine if I gave you an internal tape recorder for a week to tape your internal dialogue, then asked you to play all your negative self-thoughts back to yourself before you went to sleep each night, I bet it’d be pretty harsh.

It sucks. So, how have we got like this? The promotion of peace, love and kindness builds around us externally as we all constantly give our opinion on how the love seems to have been lost in our world. We say the words and we tell ourselves that we mean it, we pat each other on the back and share the inspiring “be you” quotes and memes, but then just continue on this self-hate destruction path secretly, with no one knowing that our thoughts towards ourselves are still full of hate..


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It’s All About Feeling Awesome! As Long As Awesome Looks Good In The Photos…

I know I know, you are already thinking “Ah man, not another weight-loss-club bashing blog” and yep I wouldn’t blame you if you were, there are tonnes of blogs out there calling out these clubs / supplements / fad-type-diets, every day. So, yep I get it, you don’t need to see another one telling you what you already know.

However, my blog is still about these clubs. But not JUST these clubs, I’m also going to include every other weight loss promoting diet/club/PT out there as well.

About 5 years ago I recall I got shouted at by someone I was learning from, I uttered the words “weight loss” and I was chastised for not instead saying “fat loss” to be specific. Since then this fat loss message seems to have spread ten fold and it seems to have been lapped up and made into FB meme’s and PT straplines all over the shop.

Great, this is great – truly it is.

But I just don’t believe that it’s really sunk in. Or, rather – it HAS sank in, but continues to be contradicted again and again……by the folks who said it in the first place.

Confused? Bear with me and read on..


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The two most powerful words…

By now you know I talk a lot about self-esteem, self-belief and living non-apologetically as our true selves. It’s something I’m supremely passionate about. Everyone I come into contact with, I wish to ignite a new spark of self-belief within them. That is my mission in life, to get to the core of YOU and to help you to realise how awesome you are.

When doing any self-esteem work with clients, the first thing we look at is the disconnection of external objects of worth.

We all get stuck in these patterns of believing that there is something that we have to have / be / acquire / or become, before we can accept ourselves fully. Whether it’s a possession, a habit, or a certain “thing” that we attach to, whatever that is, we convince ourselves that it represents our worth as a person, and only once we get that thing will we be able to feel that true internal acceptance.


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Welcome… I’m here to build you up, buttercup.

Fancy meeting you here? It’s gotta be a sign that you have landed here, so you must keep reading…

I think you can tell a lot about me by knowing what annoys me.

So we’ll start there shall we?

Hey! You know what grinds my gears?

No? Well, I’m gonna tell you. Are you sitting comfortably? Do you have a cuppa tea?

I was at my hairdressers the other day and she was talking about a girl we both know. Hairdresser says to me “Oh she’s so wonderful and slim. She is amazing.”


“She’s got legs up to here *touches chin* and hair down to here *touches bum*”


I had a dilema. Do I tell the truth and say “Well, she’s actually got an eating disorder, psychological issues that cause mayhem with her own body image and she is actually desperately un-happy within herself. But, yeah – I guess it depends what you see as wonderful…”

Or did I just keep schtum and go along with the gushiness like “”Oh I KNOW, right?? I mean those LEGS. Jeez, we are just mere minions compared to her and her wonderfulness…”


Really, I should have directed her to my many blogs on this subject, as I have written TONNES about these kind of things, and why only judging on appearances is just a slippery slope towards feeling constantly CRAP.

But I didn’t, I talked. I engaged in conversation and suggested that “Y”know. Just because someone looks a certain way, doesn’t mean you have developed x-ray eyes and can assume that they are a) healthy or b) happy. Because, in my experience – which I think counts for a lot, considering I’ve worked with gazillions (like, 1000’s) of women over the past 16 years who ALSO looked “amazing” but actually felt like garbage, it’s often very damaging (to us and them) to judge a woman’s prize worth and “wonderfulness” simply by the length of her legs. And hair.


So that kinda gives you an intro as to what can you expect from me on this site.

Have the knowledge that I’m on your side. As a woman. As a coach. As a mentor. As a “been-there-done-it-got-the-t-shirt” kind of teacher.

I share blogs and posts regularly on all sorts of topics, but mainly on gaining the ability to feel AWESOME, FEARLESS and FABULOUS as yourself.

— Not when you have “lost this last stone”

— Not when you have “got into those jeans”

— Not “when my fella tells me I am”

— Not when “I feel acceptable to the trainers at my local gym”


Say this with me “I AM ENOUGH”

Now. Right NOW!

Intrigued and want to know about me in a bit more detail?

Shucks – that’s good to know! So feel free to head over the the “About” section right here – More About Me



— In the mean time —

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Whatever you decide to do from here, I hope to see you back soon. If you are ready to rock and want to come over and join the rest of the feeling-fabulous crew in the group coaching community over at Empower Me Up, then that’s amaze-balls, I’m chuffed to bits to have you and I can’t wait to work with you – click here to get started!

I’ll be catching up with you soon, but ciao for now,

Heather xx

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