Who ARE you, Heather?

Well, I’m down to earth gal with a mission, and my mission is to empower other down to earth gals to live powerfully. My aim is to see a word full of women no longer feel they have to keep themselves hidden, who no longer have to dampen down their dreams to conform to what society is telling them is acceptable. I want to see confidence, I want to see self-love and I want to see dreams being recognised! I want you recognise how awesome you are..

Who, me?

Yes YOU!

Don’t give me that crap about how you aren’t smart enough, thin enough, lean enough, young enough, old enough…..

ENOUGH with the ENOUGH talk!

You hear me?

Okay, okay…why does this mean so much to you?

Here is where I tell you why I want this….

My trade is nutrition and fitness coaching. That is what I do. My entire working life has been spent scrutinising bodies, diets, habits, planning “body improvement” strategies, designing meal plans, chastising when meal plans aren’t adhered to – and calling it “motivation”, pushing bodies to work harder, to be faster, to be stronger….to be BETTER.

15 years I spent doing this. I built up a successful coaching business in the process. I was a good coach.

But whilst I was busy telling others what to do, I personally was falling apart. Developed orthorexia (the new, and very real,  “clean eaters” eating disorder) I got ill, I looked crap and I felt even worse. I was never good enough. Having to push harder, for more, to be better, to compete with “them” (whoever-the-hell “they” were).

Just like my clients.

Some of the conversations I was witness to began to kick me in the gut. The girl who woke up each morning and cried because she couldn’t see her abs. The wonderful mother who spent her entire birthday meal with her family racked with guilt over the “bad” foods on her plate. The woman who’s last coach told her she was weak if she didn’t take her pre-prepped Tupperware food to her friend’s dinner party.

I woke up. Physically and metaphorically. It dawned on me that something had to change. So, I changed. I had to lead by example. I relaxed. I let go. With a lot of work, I left that world behind, and over the course of 18 months I gradually took my clients with me into this new world of “I’m frickin’ awesome as I am”.

I became a coach who didn’t teach women how to be different, I became the coach who taught women how be themselves.


My mission from here on in is to help women all over to embrace the uniqueness of who they are. To feel AWESOME every day without the attachments of “as long as I look this way” or “as long as I do that..”

I now coach in all aspects of life; empowerment, reaching for the stars, searching for the purpose of ‘being’, living freely without fear and above all else, accepting and living as your true self.

It’s OK, to be you. It’s OK to want to go for your dreams…..don’t be afraid. I have got your back.

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.
– Mark Twain

All views expressed in this blog are my own and independent of any employers or affiliated companies.

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